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Garlic Festival 2018
Entertaining the queues
Yarmouth Spring Fayre
Soaking up the sun
At The George Inn Newport
Broken arm blues

Our History

We initially formed out of the need to make some money, the backend of 2009. Rick the band’s Mr. Rhythm phoned me suggesting we go busking. The first problem to overcome was that I was an ex-drummer without a drum.


Having dabbled with playing a tea chest bass a few times in the past, I found an old Ronson packing box that once contained lighter gas, a broom handle and a length of string and knocked one together and I was in business.

We decided to try our luck at Newport’s Market on Tuesday, me on the box and Rick with his Tin Din Thing, a 3 stringed guitar made from a biscuit tin, hence how the name came about, and as it happened we didn’t do too bad.

Unfortunately my tea chest substitute wasn’t really cutting the mustard and so the hunt was on for something bigger. As it happens Rick had a proper sized one rotting away in his shed and so it was quickly modified and boy what a sound difference!

From Duo To Trio

A few weeks past, and we continued at the market and also on a Saturday outside Poundland in Newport High Street.

We were and still are to some a complete novelty, as at the time to see buskers outside of Cowes Week was rare, and even rarer in Newport. Although now there’s quite a few people busking, it seems we’ve started a new craze.

It was this sort of time when Mark joined us and we became a trio, bass, rhythm and lead, this addition and the fact Mark can also sing has given us a more diverse sound. Although the duo works, the trio makes us more money, and Rick doesn’t have to work so hard.
The Tin Din Thing has now been replaced with an ordinary acoustic guitar. The Biscuit Tin with only 3 strings limits the key that our tunes can be played in, and bores the pants off of Mark because he is a show off lead guitarist and loves to improvise.

Our Sound

Because of the tea chest, the older generation who see us describe us as a Skiffle band, when actually we play a mixture of Rockabilly, Blues and Jump Jive. Most are forgotten tunes of yesteryear and were performed by obscure artists.

Unlike most bands including previous ones all three of us have been in over the years, we don’t spend hours rehearsing, we just go out and perform. If a tune goes over well and money is chucked in the case it’ll become part of the set.

The lack of practice gives us a real basic raw sound and because our act is improvised it means that the same tune never sounds exactly the same every time we play it which keeps it fresh. In former bands we would rehearse each tune to the point of being able to play it on autopilot which in hindsight was boring both to play and no doubt to listen to.

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Upcoming Gigs

Date Place Venue
12/09/20 Yarmouth The King’s Head
Time: 9:00pm.
18/09/20 Shanklin Steamer Inn
Time: 8:00pm.
03/10/20 Shanklin Steamer Inn
Time: 8:00pm.
11/10/20 Arreton Dairymans Daughter
Time: 8:00pm.
30/10/20 Newport Bargemans Rest
Time: 8:00pm.
04/12/20 Shanklin Steamer Inn
Time: 8:00pm.
11/12/20 Arreton Dairymans Daughter
Time: 8:00pm.

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Terms & Conditions


Our prices are based on a minimum of a two hour booking.

We come in two formats:


This is how you see us in the street. Acoustic rhythm guitar, acoustic bass, a small amp for the lead guitar and a lot of shouting. Ideal for small gatherings where the band doesn’t have to be the main focal point.

*For this we charge £75.00 an hour.

Full PA

This set up is the full rig. Mics, amps and speakers, and lots of noise. This is for larger events where you want to get up and shake your tail feather.

*For this we charge £96.00 an hour.


Bookings are accepted via the form on the booking page. A calendar shows our available dates and there’s a list of forthcoming gigs.

Fill in the form with the date you require. In the message box give us the details, times venue and so on.

Once you’ve received confirmation of your booking, it will appear in the list. It will then be subject to a 50% cancellation fee if we do not receive at least 2 weeks notice prior to the booked date.

Email Addresses

Email addresses collected by this site are solely used for contact purposes to confirm the booking information that has been entered in the rest of the form. They are never shared or sold to any third parties.

Unless other arrangements have been made at the time of booking; payment is to be made at the end of the event.

*Mainland Bookings

Bookings to play on the Mainland are quoted for individually. Use the booking form as above and we will get back to you.